A Short Synopsis of the Spectrum of Successes Includes: 

1)    Hydrocarbons from >25,000ppm to <100 ppm or ND.

2)    PAH’s in river sediments (EPA Study) >5,000 ppm to <500 ppm.

3)    1,4 Dioxane and Tetrahydrofuran (Chemical Plant) >25,000 ppm to <50 ppm.

4)    Soluble BOD and COD in food processing >2500 ppm to <100 ppm or ND.

5)    Large sanitary sewage systems Ammonia levels >25 ppm to <1 ppm.

Heavy metals have been impacted by bio-stimulant chelation and peroxidase enzymes.



The CWI Promise for a Cleaner Tomorrow


We will always strive to meet or exceed desired treatment goals and targets while eliminating POTW surcharges and violations.

We will always search every natural remedy possible prior to utilizing chemical or physical options.

We will always offer products which have little or no environmental impact while providing technologies that provide benefits to the environment.

We will always offer and provide products/services independent of existing chemical treatment vendors.

*Our goal is NOT to be a competitor but allied with existing vendors